EXO-M Posts Chuseok

[TRANSLATION]  EXO-M Posts Chuseok

[T / N] Hangawi and Chuseok celebrations in Korea are similar to Thanksgiving day. Songpyeon are rice cakes shaped crescent, Koreans eat on Chuseok.

Kris: My dear friends happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
Even though we can’t spend it together but… My “♥” is with you~
We are One ^^. I wish you all will go through every day enrichingly. Have a nice Chuseok
 and be happy! Have a good one ^_^

Xiumin: This is Baozi ‘XIUMIN’ !Everyone ! Chuseok has now arrived >< kukuku
Eat a lot of delicious food and please love our EXO-M more.
We are hungry for everyone’s love ^_^
So, have a happy and pleas
ant ‘Chuseok’~
-Yours truly, Xiumin-

Lu Han: Hello everyone! I am EXO-M’s Lu Han!
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! Here I’ll wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival beforehand!~
I hope that every single person can have a reunion with
 their family, what else can be more important than being together with your family? Haha~
Alright, I won’t say anymore, my heart that loves you will never change! ♥
To all Korean fans! Spend a nice...Chuseok ^_^ I love you ♥ keke.

Lay: Everyone have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
I hope everyone is happy~ Spending a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with their family~
Eat a lot of moon cakes~ because they’re yummy ^^~
And also because of a re
union~ “♥” Spend a nice Chuseok~ ♥_♥

Chen: Gather at one place with your whole family
Talk with them!
Eat a~lot of tasty food!
But you can’t have stomachache!! ^^
Everyone, spend a joyful Chuseok~♥ 

Tao: Hello. Hello everyone. I am EXO-M’s Romantic Kungfu Panda Tao.
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! I hope that everyone in the world can be happy♥! Moon cakes~~ eat tasty things!! Spend every day wel
l with your family happily and peacefully forever.

The Tao who loves you.
I love you kekeke. 

source: exo-k’s official homepage
translation cr; saphira & emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-K Posts Chuseok

[TRANSLATION]  EXO-K Posts Chuseok

[T / N] Hangawi and Chuseok celebrations in Korea are similar to Thanksgiving day. Songpyeon are rice cakes shaped crescent, Koreans eat on Chuseok.

Suho: Hello, I'm the leader Suho ^ - ^
Everyone is ready for the next national Hangawi?
While Chuseok eat something delicious with your family and be sure to eat songpyeon too, hope you have a happy and productive day.
And too! It's quite cold lately so watch out for that too.
Suho always protect you.

Baekhyun: The cheerful Hangawi and Chuseok is here.
Spend a pleasant and enjoyable time with family and friends!. And to eat delicious food.
You know you have to think hard about EXO truth? ♥ ♥ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ.
But if you eat too much, because the food is very delicious, be sick TT. Whether you have a stomach ache will hurt much ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
Spend a cheerful Chusseok. Love you! ♥

Chanyeol: Hello .... ! I'm Happy Virus Chanyeol of EXO-K
The wet summer goes by so fast, and Chuseok meets us!
This is the first Chuseok EXO-K's with you, I think that makes it an even more precious Chuseok and meaningful to us.
We are practicing hard and doing a lot of activities so wait a bit more please.

D.O: Hello! I D.O d EXO-K.
It's Chuseok? Hope you have very fond memories of this Chuseok, also we are working hard to bring our next album and preparing for it.
Thank you. ♥

Kai: Hello I am Kai of EXO-K,, the reason why we are writing letters is because Chuseok is coming!
Are not you excited!? We are very excited! Woah!!
In the Chuseok put their anxiety and preocupasiones aside and eat delicious food with your family and songpyeon. Spend some time with them and have a happy Hangawi

Sehun: For fans who love me, I'm the maknae Sehun EXO-K.
Chuseok is approaching! Woooooooooooah (applause). Eat lots of delicious food ---- and as it is Chuseok eat a lot of songpyeon too.
I will eat too much and gain strength.
Enjoy a happy holiday with your family and have fun. ♥
PS: Also EXO-K Think big moments as they pass.

cr: Official fanpagetraslation
English translation by saphira and Emilie (EXOTRANS)
 "EXO Peru"